Our Team

Ton Bos

Through the years, Ton has built up broad experience in sales, marketing and finance. He is a business leader who successfully led new businesses and introduced new products to the market. As a general manager for large companies, such as Wyeth, Shell and IBM, he managed several large projects. Ton is able to function extremely well in complex matrix environments and at the same time in start-up environments. He managed international teams and is recognized for his technical and innovative skills. His unique value to a team is further highlighted by his business acumen and his highly appreciated skill to understand the customer’s business problem and translate it into a suitable solution at either a technical, or an executive business / board level, depending on the audience at hand. He is a team player and elevates the company to a new level in a natural way, by keeping a high integrity standard as the foundation for success.

Leendert van der Gevel

Leendert is a well experienced and strong business leader, having been a member of the Board of Directors for several large international companies. He excels in advising and reorganizing distressed companies. Through Access to Capital BV he has also guided many start-up companies to get market access, to grow and remain there. Leendert is a charismatic, no-nonsense senior business leader who is always able to point out the topics that do matter and make a difference. He is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with.

Charles Vaanhold
Chief Technical Officer

Charles is a highly experienced project manager with a master of sciences degree in Industrial Design Engineering, obtained at the TU Delft. His experience in managing R&D departments and manufacturing companies are complementary to the team of MegaWindForce. Charles is a senior executive who is capable to deep dive into the technology with R&D and translate it into pragmatic realistic business objectives. This results in high efficiency and reduced risk in bringing products to the market successfully . Due to his broad skill set Charles proved to be a real asset for Mega Windforce. Charles is a strong, entrepreneurial and joyfull person with a creative and independent mind and quick analytical skills. He is decisive and results driven.

Keesjan Klant

Keesjan is a lifetime inventor and gifted in creating and optimising 3D designs. A self-taught engineer who started working in the area of aerodynamics over 30 years ago. One the globe has to cherish. He is able to look at a product and market from an entirely new and unique point of view. He is accurate, quick and is willing to choose a different path whilst keeping a good overview of the project. A beautiful mind from which derived a disruptive innovation that significantly reduces CO2 emission. A driving shaft free wind turbine with a simple but unique scalable generator that is able to generate the maximum amount of energy at each wind speed. MegaWindForce is a global energy breakthrough.providing the globe with clean energy.

Woud Vleugel
Electrical Engineer

Woud is the ‘electronical brain’ of the project. As an electrical engineer he has unapparelled knowledge of electronics. He has the power to come up with solutions via innovations in a simple and clear way. He has a holistic approach, not restraining himself to electrical engineering but he also looks at the big picture. Woud has been Keesjan’s sparring partner for many years now and has already led several innovative projects during his working career.