• -80%

  • Less noise

  • Low LCOE

  • 1% maintenance


Wind energy is developing towards one of the most important future energy sources and plays a major role in realising the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

The wind resource—how fast it blows, how often, and when—plays a significant role in its power generation cost. In order to improve the competitiveness with fossil energy, the Cost Of Wind Energy (LCOE) has to come down as to become more competitive. 

MegaWindForce strives to bring down the cost of wind energy: 

  • increasing the efficiency of the wind turbines 
  • developing new technology in performance, applied materials and production techniques
  • optimizing the manufacturing process of wind turbines 

The MegaWindforce patented ring shaped generator and full carbon design will create a highly efficient wind turbine with a lower LCOE. Combining proven techniques from aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering with our patented and certified structures: unlike anything the world has ever seen. 

Introducing the first-ever wind turbine that has no hub, no nacelle and no gearbox whilst maximizing annual capacity, any where the wind blows….

Revolutionary wind turbines, designed to change the wind energy standards

  • up to 80% weight reduction
  • 20% to 50% LCOE reduction
  • competitive to fossil fuels

The MWF turbine has no central shaft. Instead, there is a moving rotor in the ring, significantly lowering the stresses on critical positions. The reduced weight of the construction optimises the effectiveness of the turbine. The design eliminates the costly gearbox and the inefficient direct drives in the drive train. The turbine is made of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP), a composite material available in the market, consisting of carbon fibres in combination with a thermoset resin. The use of CFRP  adds strength where needed and diminishes weight where possible. MWF carbon elements are produced automatically, using the raw carbon materials and the conventional huge moulds are therefore not necessary. The result is a corrosion free turbine, weighing between 80 and up to 90% less than traditional turbines and with overall lower maintenance cost.  The ring contains the elements to generate electricity and due to the high path velocity of the moving generator parts in the ring, AC current at a high frequency is created. 



  • The levelized cost of energy (LCOE) can drop below fossil cost in wind-rich areas 
  • The ring generator is divided in many separate modules, to be adjusted on/off depending on the actual wind speed. 
  • Design life time is 30 years with technologies proven outside the wind industry
  • Less and easy maintenance due to Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite construction
  • Low noise (tip speed 59 m/s < 70 dB(A), whilest current industry standard is at 85 m/s, > 100 dB(A)
  • 80+ % weight reduction due to the ring generator and used materials
  • Minimum use of rare-earth elements, (e.g. only 70 kg of Neodymium required in 2m ring generator)
  • Reduced wake effect - more wind turbines per km2.
  • Patented globally