• 80%

  • Low LCOE

  • 1% maintenance



  • LCOE MWF turbines per kWh below LCOE of coal and gas
  • Natural economic incentives to outperform the Paris Climate C02 Targets  
  • Modular ring generator provides a maximum capacity for any wind area - Goodbye name plate capacity!
  • No subsidization required
  • Saving billions for governments
  • Higher profits for companies & lower prices for end users
  • Legally protected by strong patents
  • Less complex by using proven technologies
  • No tear & wear due to Carbon Reinforced Composite construction
  • Low and predictive maintenance - double configured sensoring
  • 80 % Reduction in weight due to the ring generator and material (Carbon Reinforced Composite)



The wind turbine is economically viable without subsidization by governments. This is a true revolution and makes wind the most efficient renewable energy source currently available. There are no constraints or boundaries to reach beyond the targets agreed upon in the Paris Climate Act. The ring shape is incredibly strong, it doesn’t need extra fortifications in both weight and cost to withstand high wind speed areas. The light carbon construction and smaller rotor blades boost weight reduction even further, resulting in far less construction and transportation costs.

The direct drive generator units are scalable and operate at higher frequencies. This increases the electric output immensely. This great innovation is the key ingredient that enables MWF to optimize the performance at any wind distribution. The capacity is no longer a constraint. This scalable generator allows us to generate electricity at all wind ranges without reaching generator limits. This is feasible due the the high frequency, paving the way for MWF to use far less material and reducing the weight of the generator by more than 95%. So spare capacity is not costly anymore..  

By keeping our rotation speed constant in all wind ranges we limite the noise of the turbine to a minimum (60 db)!

The impact : an increase of the annual capacity with 30% to 75% pending the selected wind area reducing the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) below the 3 ct per Kwh.! 



The size of the rotor blades, the carbon material and the absence of a heavy driving shaft make the MegaWindForce wind turbine the lightest one the world has ever seen. 



Since the wind turbine’s ring and blades are made of Carbon Reinforced Composite, they require far less external maintenance when compared to traditional models with glass fiber and steel. Also, the aerodynamic design of both the nacelle and blades sharply decreases forces and stresses caused by sudden gusts of high-speed wind. Summarising, the entire structure is built to handle harsh conditions and will last all the way through. It approximates 99% uptime (incl. scheduled maintenance). 

On the inside, the contact-free baring system minimizes friction, drastically reducing wear and tear. Furthermore, the generator consists of multiple generator units creating a high level of redundancy. Maintenance is predictable with our Condition Based Monitoring system and our double configuered sensing and controlling environment.



The ring-shaped nacelle consists of modular components that can be transported and shipped in standardized 40ft containers. Instead of taking months to put together, the MegaWindForce wind turbines are assembled on site and built in a short period of time (excl. foundation). 



The aerodynamic ring-shaped nacelle of the wind turbine, combined with smaller blades and the absence of a gearbox, results in a guarenteed lifespan of 30 years. 10 Years above todays standard of 20 years.  The carbon material contributes to this, as it is not susceptible to outside corrosive influences, such as salt, rain or oxidation.