Wind energy is developing towards one of the most important future energy sources. Wind energy can play a major role to realize the targets of the Paris Climate Convention. Important steps have been taken to reduce the cost price of wind energy (Levelised Cost of Energy, LCOE), but more giant steps are needed in order to compete with fossil energy. The price of energy can drop by increasing the efficiency of the wind turbine and by optimizing the manufacturing process of wind turbines. MegaWindForce provides a break through technology in performance, applied materials and production.

Our ring shaped generator, our full carbon design and our automated production process result in a highly efficient wind turbine with a corresponding reduction of the LCOE. Combining proven techniques from aerospace, electrical & mechanical engineering, our patented and certified structures are unlike anything the world has ever seen. Introducing the first-ever wind turbine that has no hub, no nacelle and no gearbox, maximizing annual capacity in any region of the world.

Say hello to the new standard: our revolutionary wind turbines are designed to change the world,


  • fossil fuel competitiveness
  • 80% weight reduction
  • 20% - 50% LCOE reduction (dependent on wind area)

our disruptive wind turbines are equipped to achieve global climate targets today.


The main advantages

of our revolutionary product

  • disruptive
  • maintenance friendly
  • profitable without subsidies
  • high annual capacity
  • greater efficiency than fossil
  • shaft replaced by turning ring
  • modular direct drive generator
  • smart bearings with low friction
  • shorter and wider rotor blades
  • Carbon Reinforced Composite